Why Matter Dominates The Universe

Why Matter Dominates The Universe


Material Objects Seen as Holes in Space by British Scientist
A close examination of the math of quantum mechanics led to the rediscovery of
antimatter particles in 1930.


“Today physicists know that every particle has an antiparticle, but they don’t yet know for sure why matter instead of anti-matter dominates the universe”.




E=Total[m(1 + D)]

The big bang did not create matter or antimatter.

Singularity was all the energy-mass of the universe. Antimatters are circumstantial-accidental expansion collision products.

At 10^-35 seconds since the big bang, D was already a fraction of a second above zero. This is when gravity started. This is what started gravity. At this instance started the energy space texture, the straining of space texture, the space-texture-memory, gravity, that most probably will eventually overcome expansion and initiate expansion back to a singularity, again.



Update Comprehension Of Universe/Life Evolution

The universe expansion is fueled by the mass-to-energy reconversion.
Eventually, as expansion will slow down, will run out of mass fuel, gravity will
overcome expansion and initiate expansion back to singularity. The universe is
a cyclic array of energy-mass dualism, between nearly all-energy and all-mass
poles, under omnipresent gravity.

Dov Henis

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