Circadian Schmircadian And More Updated Concepts

Circadian Schmircadian
And More Updated Concepts


“Dispel Some Figments Of 2010 Science Imagination”

“Sleep is inherent for life via the RNAs, the primal Earth ORGANISMS formed and active ONLY under direct sunlight in pre-metabolism genesis era.”


Circadian Rhythm:

Genes Are Organisms, Not Molecular Contraptions

Henis Dov, Jul 03, 2008

A. “Molecular Basis And Regulation Of Circadian Rhythms In Plants”

B. A mechanism of energy absorption, by which archae genes became and function as active energy packages, i.e. became living organisms:

C. Chromosomes coil more tightly during the day and relax at night.

D. My elsewhere suggestions re the origin of Circadian Rhythm applies neatly in the above cases. I posit that the mechanism involved in the absorption of energy by the archive genes is the mechanism of phasing of RNA-type oligomers into replicating primal Earth organisms, individual independent genes. This phasing from chemicals to living organisms was the genesis of Earth’s biosphere.

Science will comprehend one day that genes are primal and genomes are evolved organisms.

Circadian rhythm is an innate gene-genome characteristic, inborn-brought-about at the energetic conditions during the genesis of genes in the process of phasing from chemical oligomers to replicating life, to living genes which are base life energy packages.

For the archaic genes, parents of all Earth’s Life, direct sunlight was the only source of energy, and it was available to them at different times of the day in accordance with their location on the then Earth…

Dov Henis
(comments from 22nd century)

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