Stars Evolutions Not Driven By Dark Anything

“Does dark matter trigger strange stars”

Stars Evolutions Not Driven By Dark Anything

Dark energy and matter YOK.

ALL cosmic energy and matter are accounted for.

Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

A. E=Total[m(1 + D)]

This is the relationship between the cosmic energy(E), mass(m), and spatial expansion distance(D) since the cataclysmic E/m superposition resolution, just following singularity, at which all cosmic energy was in mass format.

At 10^-35 seconds since the big bang, D was already a fraction of a second above zero. This is when gravity started. This is what started gravity. At this instance started the energy space texture, the straining of space texture, the space-texture-memory, gravity, that most probably will eventually overcome expansion and initiate expansion back to a singularity, again.

The clusters of galaxies behave as accelerating classical Newtonian bodies. Their motion is fueled with energy from myriads of mass-to-energy reconversions, in intertwined evolutions within them, within the clusters.

B. The mass-to-energy reconversions continuously diminish m, as D continuously increases

The energy spent on increasing D, the clusters expansion, becomes the potential expansion energy that will eventually re-form singularity. This is gravity. This is the striving of the resolved-from-energy mass to return to its singularity wholeness.

mare ALL cosmic formats of mass, regardless of size and complexity, including astronomic-to-smallest-particle bodies and all energy-mass organizations such as black holes environs, biospheres-lives, all sizes and varieties of spin-arrays.

C. Mass is destined to dis-exist. It attempts to postpone-survive this by ingesting of energy

The cosmic expansion will eventually nearly run out of fuel-energy when at some value of D it will be overcome by gravity and expansion will thus set in. The universe will then revert towards the singularity. D will go on a diminishing course and m will enter a growing course of evolution, very different from the present cosmic evolution course.

D. Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

The present universe came into being with inflation, with the onset of gravity. Gravity has been setting the course and nature of all the aspects of its evolution. Gravity will eventually terminate cosmic expansion and reverse the course of cosmic evolution.

Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

Dov Henis

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