Hawking Radiation Simplified, Unmathematified

Hawking Radiation Simplified, Unmathematified


“Analogue Hawking radiation spotted in the lab

Has Stephen Hawking’s prediction been realized, three decades on?”


“Light On Black Holes”
June 02 2010

Light On Black Holes

Is Light On Life

Is light On Evolutionary Biology

A. “Blackhole shoved aside, along with ‘central’ dogma.”

A new study has shoved aside the idea that supermassive black holes always reside smack-dab at the centers of their host galaxies.

B. Black holes mass, by Hawking, evaporates by radiation

For me both black hole’s imports and exports, simplified, have been rationally expected before I learned of Hawking’s conception. My embarrassingly simple and obvious conceptions are presented at

“EOTOE. Embarrassingly obvious TOE, expanding the horizon beyond Darwin And Einstein”

and at

“Evolution, Natural Selection, Derive From Cosmic Expansion”

The question reductionists fear

which are compilations of

“Theory Of Everything Without Strings Attached”


“TOE: Religion Or Science?”

C. Is it human nature, or only scientists’ nature, to trust-prefer the complicated-complex rather than the obvious-rational concepts?

Commonsensically, forgive my simplemindedness, the spatial position of “supermassive black hole” in its neighborhood may be set either by neighborhood forces acting on the hole or/and by the hole’s gobbling effects on its neighborhood. The important matter is the embarrassingly obvious function of black holes. They appear to be re-converting the Big Bang resolved mass to the energy that fuels the cosmic expansion, the expansion which will eventually, when nearly all mass is reconverted, be overcome by gravity, affecting the cosmic expansion back to singularity.


Dov Henis

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