Hope For 2011 Science?

Hope For Science?

Feedback To Quertle, Academia.edu, SciTopics
January 2011

To: Dov Henis

Subject: Welcome ( To: Quertle, Academia.edu, SciTopics)

I. PRINTED matter is NOT the ONLY science info source.

Thus, f.e., a search for “Nature And Origin Of Natural Selection”

fails to furnish the ONLY presently available info:

“Evolution, Natural Selection, Derive From Cosmic Expansion”

The question reductionists fear

Is E-Matter considered scientifically subversive, taboo?

In the 21st century?

Is it ONLY AAAS subservience that “Koshers” scientific writing?

Dov Henis


1956 PhD Univ of PGH, PA

2003 retired industrial consultant)

II. Hope For Science?

It’s Not The Mechanism. It’s The Culture.

In the USA-world economy, it’s not financial mechanisms that led to the recent collapse. It’s the greed-cancer in lieu of selected REAL valuable economic attributes. It’s the greed culture.

In science, it’s not peer-review or another social mechanism that elects technology and plenty of meaningless verbiage over science. It’s the century-old corrupt science trade union culture.

Hope For Science?

A. “Tradition, innovation and hope in new year for science”
E Marincola Jan 1, 2011


“Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism”

B. Purpose of “peer review”

“A demanding process to either get money to study a new scientific idea or to get an idea published in an academic journal. The reason is peer review–the principal instrument an academic profession uses to keep up its standards. There are few processes, either in science or the larger world of the academy, that is considered legitimate if peer review isn’t involved in them somewhere.”

C. Nature of “peer review”

The principal instrument an academic profession uses to keep up its standards.

D. Nature of 2010 academic profession standards

La Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Rassul Allah.

Academic is Technology/Science and AAAS is its exclusive apostle-prophet-delegate-agent on Earth.

E. Nature of AAAS

American Association Against Science, a trade-union-guild-establishment, the instrument for acquiring/exploiting public and industry funds for the promotion, maintenance, and benefit of its management-administration-members.

F. There are many expositions in the Medium about “peer review”, including comments on its antisubversion-decadent-corrupt applications by the expansive omnipresent AAAS. One sample:

“For A Scientism Culture”

Dov Henis

(Comments From 22nd Century)

03.2010 Updated Life Manifest

Cosmic Evolution Simplified

Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

Evolution, Natural Selection, Derive From Cosmic Expansion

The question reductionists fear

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