List Of Titles

List Of Titles

These items were posted in forums since November 1998.

Extending Historical Darwinism

Design And Randomness In Cosmic And Life Evolution

Genes, Interdependent Organisms In Genomes Communes

Life, Tomorrow’s Comprehension

AAAS, Americans Do Not Accept Evolution

The Universe: Beginning, End And In-Between

What Is Western Culture + Define Culture

Stopping Genocide

Bioethics In Embryonic Stem Cells Research


Altruism Gene + What Prompts Protest

Chicken Or Egg First + Circadian Rhythm

Genetic Effects of Culture + Human-Chimp Interbreed?

Leaving Brights and Hypography Forums + Antisemitism

Life: A Real Virtual Affair, Its Drive And Purpose

Being a Humanist/Bright

Some People Get High On Verbiage

Rise and growth of Christianity

The recent interfaith cooperation fad

On incompatibility of general relativity and quantum mechanics

Science 2005 Breakthrough

ID belongs in science classrooms!

Scientism of AAAS

Farewell to SA, HBG forum director

On genetic instructions

178 A “Nature Of Life” Item

179 Deleted

180 Science And Religion

181 The Base Form Of Life

182 Cellular Processes By Selection Or By Self-Organization

183 Cellular Processes Proceed By “Autoorganization”?

184 Early Nucleotides Polymerization

185 Stem Cells Just Discerned

186 Humans Are Vain

187 Academenglish, A Langcultural Barrier

188 Early Christianity; Present Primitive Jewish Gospeling

189 Understand Evolution ?

190 Drive And Actuation Of Evolution

191 Source Of organisms’ Traits

192 On Evolutionary Psychology

193 ”Paleopsychology” Project

194 Life And Energy

195 Adaya On Postmodernism

196 More On Philosophy

197 Religious Scientist ?

198 Life Start: Gene Or Cell ?

199 Re Humans Split Brain

200 Problems Of Scientific Worth

201 God After Darwin

202 Our Own Life Is Still Alien To Us

203 ”Smart” DNA

204 Re Evolutionary Genomics

205 Culture And Darwinian Evolution

206 Science, Evolution, Culture, Religion

207 On Evolution And Ethics

208 ABCD of Earth Life

209 Origin and Nature of Earth Life

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