Bioethics In Embryonic Stem Cells Research

8 July 2006

(A) Bioethics =

the ethics related to moral values in the biomedical sciences.

(B) Ethics = Moral values =

principles/values/issues of right and wrong in human affairs,

according to precepts/attitudes based on

– religion, or

– social/group customs, or

– rationalism.

(C) The major goals of embryonic stem cells research are to improve and to save a life, the most valuable and lofty aims of human striving and effort. Therefore in a Western democracy societal propriety and welfare rightly and legally dictate clear explanation of the nature of political objection/restriction of embryonic stem cells research.

(D) Religious objections to embryonic stem cells research involve a concept of a uniquely human “soul”. These religious considerations are well-presented in a brief format at .

(E) Rationally/Scientifically there is no such thing as a uniquely human “soul”. By Science-Informed Humanism reflection, there is no reason or cause to consider that somehow humans were endowed with something that is not an extension or elaboration of constituents/constellations of precursors in the line of earlier organisms from which we finally evolved. Thus for all, we comprehend presently life is life is life, all forms of Earth life are members of one single family, and they are in essence bubbles of energy formed and maintained by energy as temporary energy storage bubbles.

We do not yet comprehend the implications of this but this ignorance notwithstanding does not lessen our compassionate concern for all humans and for humanity, and it calls the scientists who practice scientism to formulate and present a clear case and precepts for rational bioethics in embryonic stem cells research.



PS August 30, 2006

Disregarding conflicts of faith vs science worldviews, science has just come to the rescue of both religious and non-religious patients; recent research shows that stem cells can be cultivated (1) from cells split off from developing embryos without impacting the embryo itself, and (2) from cells of a dead embryo.

Now it would be interesting to see how the faithful will accept this in regards to government support-oppose ESC research…


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