Altruism Gene + What Prompts Protest

May 31, 2006, To

>>> Researchers trace the origin of an “altruism gene”. Probing an evolutionary mystery, scientists say they have penned the first history of a gene for cooperation. (Article in World Science) <<< Life Is Inherently Cooperative It is appropriate to bear in mind that all aspects of organisms' inter-cooperation are at the base of life's evolution and are an expression of the evolutionary process towards ever higher organisms' complexity. The cooperation started early in life between individual genes, forming and elaborating cooperative genomes communes associations. Life is a fractal affair, repetition of phenomena on the ever more complex scale. It cannot be otherwise, it evolves. And surviving-proliferating life has always been a cooperative affair since cooperation, which includes "altruism"-apoptosis, is most successful for overall survival/proliferation. "Altruism" in genes or in cells is anthropomorphizing apoptosis. Altruism, like other human artifacts or concepts, is just one of our tools, a cultural tool, used by humans in their biological drive for genome survival/replication. Apoptosis is a way of polycell body development and defense. It is a way of life on this planet, at the molecular level. Thus, life is full of not only competition but also "altruism" at a very basic level. The origin of apoptosis is traceable not only in eukaryotes but also, in a "pre-apoptosis" version/form, in prokaryotes. Thus * PCD/and-its-prevention seem to be an early evolutionary development by cells and also by nucleated genomes for either attack/destroy competition/threat, or/and for the survival of a genome-bearing community by eliminating "unacceptable", threatening mutations. With the evolution of poly-celled organisms its original role has taken (and also invoked) many new turns and functions and modes of actions, as expected in a course of Evolution, this especially in a course of ever more complicated/intricate levels of Life's fractal phenomena. *Programmed Cell Death ========================== What Prompts Protest A. "Hierarchical Reductionism in Protest" By bestya_02, 2007-02-18, brain & behavior, Science Blog. This is a long shot if there is a brainiac out there who could help me. I'm looking at Hierarchical Reductionism and protesting. What I would like to know is, why people simply protest, from the sociology reduced down to the chemistry in a simple form, if there is one. Just a general description of what goes on our brains that makes us protest. This is such a long shot…..too complex I know. B. Dov Henis 2007-02-19 1) Your "Hierarchical Reductionism" is, to me and probably to many others, 'pseudosophisticated vague academy English verbiage. What do you mean in plain-spoken English? 2) Listing factors/reasons/goals/targets etc., that prompt "people to simply protest" is obviously quite an extensive task. 3) If you seek to limit the task to "sociological" factors you will find it inherently complexed with cultural aspects. 4) Culture is a biological entity, selected for survival, common to ALL organisms, and examining its expression in humans will lead you via molecular biology to human psychology. Complex ?! … DH

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