Leaving Brights and Hypography Forums + Antisemitism

28-31 Jan 2006, Dov in Brights forum.

It is disgusting and sickening to find again and again some expressions of any degree of “sympathetic understanding” of the creed/plans/actions of the (Iranian=Hizballah=Hamas) Islamic fundamentalists in regards to Jews and to Israel.

And it is sad to find again and again how ignorance/prejudice is a curse for humanity.

The recently opened topic in this forum, “HAMAS: Democratically-elected terrorists” bare attitudes, opinions and mentalities of several senior members of this forum re Israelis and Jews that shock and disgust me.

I cannot continue associating with a forum in which, regardless of reasons, these posted ignorance-prejudice-based attitudes pass and go on record without any criticising comment by any forum members.

An individual’s worldview, especially of a member of a minority cultural group, like me, comprises vital issues in addition to natural vs supernatural outlook. I learn from this case to stay out of the playgrounds of members of dominant cultures/phenotypes and I leave this forum, even with an appreciation of its purpose and goals and of the interesting and stimulating association it has been for me while it went on.



Antisemitism Belongs In Psychiatry

(And why I left the Hypography Forum)

02-02-2007, in Hypo forum, in a thread About Antisemitism


I’d suggest we get off the subject of antisemitism in this forum. The subject is immense and very complicated and will inevitably blow out in many unexpected (and expected) unpleasant directions. The roots of this subject go circa 2000 years back to pre-Paulus encounters between the mid-East Hellenistic and Jewish cultures/literature in Alexandria and Antiochia, via pre-Christian civil and cultural clashes between Rome’s leading citizenry and its Jewish community, and later inflated and expanded with the rise and spread of Christianity.

In my opinion, its roots are Intolerance of The Other and envy at Jewish communal solidarity and social-educational values and practices.

This thread starts with a whiff of foul smell by reference to Jews and Israelis indiscriminately, and this even nowadays in the face of glaring opposing attitudes of Israeli versus American Jews towards USA’s president Bush.

I suggest we get off this subject because Antisemitism Belongs In Psychiatry, and as usual in a heated highly charged discussion it might become embarrassingly ugly since it comprises many hidden psychological layers and knots. It belongs in a psychiatrist office.




Advising you sad that I depart from Hypography.


You deleted my today’s following post from the thread re Antisemitism:

My own opinion-feeling about the nature of Antisemitism

– “Antisemitism” is a laundered term “AntiJewishness”, anti circa 13 million Jews worldwide, half of them in Israel and the rest dispersed the world over.

– It is a pathologic psychological phenomenon in which words/terms related to Jew/Judaism conjure a mixture of emotions and thoughts of guilt/envy/hate.

– It is prevalent in two human phenotypes that evolved from the Jewish human phenotype, Christian, and Muslim. In each of these two phenotypes, its genesis and evolution coursed along different routes and circumstances and has been serving the unique host phenotype’s ends.

– Symptomatically it is akin to the complex packages of emotions and thoughts of misbehaving or “inadequate/disappointing” children in regards to their parents/peers.

– As an adult pathological state, it appears in a variety of forms, extents, and intensities, from mild “attitudes” to most hideous crimes.

Dov Henis

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