Being a Humanist/Bright

Jan 13, 2006, Dov in Brights forum

My own humanist/Bright concept/self-image comprises only science-informed-based attitudes and behavior, mainly:


Becoming a humanist/Bright is not envisioned/intended to be a religious conversion, shedding off one’s phenotype traditions and features and adopting another’s phenotype traditions/features. Becoming a humanist/Bright is shedding supernatural beliefs and adopting science-informed rational thinking and attitudes. Humanism is broad and firm enough to accept, with scientific rational understanding, concurrent adherence of members to some of their ex-religious customs/traditions stripped of their belief elements.


“Spreading the humanist/Brights gospel” should be, I think, mostly and primarily by example and by the display of principles and behavior, both within the family and in the community, rather than by deriding religious beliefs – again, both within the family and in the community.


Life (also black holes?) is a substantiation of a temporary containment of cosmic energy dilution. All forms of Earth life are thus temporary energy bubbles. We are not yet able to figure out the implications of this. Evolution did us a disservice, endowing us with “intelligence”, with the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, causing us to perceive and explore and wonder.

Some of us feel desperately lost without an ID or without “everything being shaped by something” and need to subsist under some form of Providence. Their peace of mind and reflective elation are founded on a feeling that their existence is purposed towards something vague of which it will somehow sometime become a part.

Some of us regard our cosmic circumstances, all reality, and our meager comprehension of them as an invitation to explore and chart the infinite aspects of the evolving universe. In pursuit of this, we try to fashion ourselves in accordance with what we progressively learn about the universe and about life and about ourselves. This is the difference between religious and science-based worldviews, between life-based on supernatural beliefs and on science-informed knowledge and vision.


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