The recent interfaith cooperation fad

Dec 11, 2005, Dov, in Brights forum.

Here’s the skeptic, again…

The present, post 9/11, “Interfaith cooperation” in the Western world is, in my humble opinion, not a “cultural” nor “spiritual” movement/trend but a base political search of scared/worried Western communities for a consensual route to check developments that might lead to additional similar disasters.

It seems to me that “Interfaith cooperation” was rocketed by 9/11 simply as not any religious denomination dared attack fundamentalist Islam for fear of being labelled something, thus they all circumvented the problem by bunching together and throwing in also Islam hoping that somehow this will check or reverse the ongoing ominous developments and trends within Western countries, nations, cultures.

It also seems to me that as a side effect this interfaith thing has been leading, though, to a diluted blend of the various denominations to a “base spiritual cocktail” that allows each of its constituents to feel that its contribution to the blend is of equally high significance.

For us, humanists, the questions do we seek to be an ingredient in the watered down religious cocktail, and if we thus become might this win over any new converts to humanism or how will it advance any of our aims:

1) Promote general understanding and acknowledgment of non-religious, science-informed, naturalistic worldview,

2) Gain public acceptance of humanists/Brights to public offices.

3) Gain society’s full acceptance of humanists/Brights.


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