Rise and growth of Christianity

Dec 21, 2005, Dov, in Brights forum.

The subject of Rising and Growth of Christianity is much too expansive for handling in a limited framework of a forum thread/topic.

In a nutshell, early Christianity blasted and sprouted in three distinct stages.

It first evolved as another total local Judean sect within the Judean community, similar to the Essenic monastic brotherhood, and involving only Jesus and his fellow Judean brotherhood. In its next, crucial second phase, it was embraced and developed by diaspora Hellenistic Jews in Anatolia and Syria. In its third stage, of final definite separation from Judaism, it was completely taken over by non-Jews and Romans.

Back on Jan 15, 2003, I re-wrote the following to a searcher of the subject:

“My own guide and mentor of most Jewish matters is Salo W Baron. My father (many yrs ago) gave me a gift, a Baron’s 1951 Hebrew edition of a 3-volumes abstract of his 18 (I think)volume series, and I use it very very often as a handy reference book. It is a very comprehensive scientific work yet done with reverence to religious concepts/feelings”.

Recently I located its title :

BARON, SALO W: A Social and Religious History of the Jews, complete in 3 volumes. New York: Columbia University Press, 1937.

Good hunting.


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