ID belongs in science classrooms!

Dec 15, 2005 Dov, in biologicalEvolution forum

From “Science and Society”, AAAS News and Notes, Science, 28 Oct 2005:

” He (AAAS CEO Alan I. Leshner) also was quoted by New York Times Magazine columnist William Safire. “Whether or not there is or was an intelligent designer is not a scientific question,” he told Safire. “It’s not an alternative to evolution. What they are trying to do is get religion in the science classroom.”

I suggest that Mr. Leshner’s and the AAAS’ above position and attitude are wrong both conceptually and socially.

I posit that “Whether or not there is or was an intelligent designer” is definitely a most significant existential, cultural and social SCIENTIFIC question and that this question does indeed belong in science classrooms and warrants extensive consideration and discussion.

Furthermore, I suggest to fellow-humanists and scientists that this issue is one of the most important and most practical-results-fraught issues facing us and all human society.


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