A “nature of life” item

April(?) 2000, Dov to HBG forum.

This is an attempt to open and maintain a Topic Board to relate to “nature-of-life“ items, including such items picked from other HBG Topic Boards, with the attitudes/conjectures/concepts underlying Dov’s “Origin/Nature of Life” pre-print.

Will open with comments on some statements by DA:

A) DA: A gene effects a complex series of processes by “instructions”, leaving aside now the various linkages/relationships between the gene and the instructors. For me, a “pattern template” is too mere for the observed complex gene functions.

Dov: But a gene IS a biological pattern template, as far from “mere” as any polycell organism is far from mere, as most observers appreciate. And a gene’s performance IS enabled and based on nature’s most ingenious exploitation of its resources to evolve an infinite number of pattern templates, each of a uniquely specified aperiodic complexity. And IT IS by a concerted pattern-templates-based directed series of processes that genes affect their calling/functions.

B) DA: There is a similarity between a bank vault that does not open with a wrong combination and a deviation from “instructions” in a biological process such as metabolism.

Dov: This is an (unintended?) oversimplification of biological processes and products, they being the results of deviations-based evolvements.

C) DA: As to “could life/gene have happened by chance”? it could, but …not very likely in a mere 15 billion years….

Dov: IT most probably DID happen by chance, and most probably much less than 15 billion years ago. Also “years” are human time terms whereas life’s evolvement has been proceeding at an in-cell time reference-pace.

And more re Time, DA muses elsewhere how “one nanosecond after cell death all ..remains intact…yet instantaneously everything becomes nonfunctional…what happens in that nanosecond?”

I suggest that a human’s nanosecond may be 11/12 in-cell-days for the cell’s genome…


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