Early nucleotides polymerization

December 7, 1999, Dov to SA.


On your 23 Nov 1999 e-message to me you raised the subject of nucleotide polymerization.

My expertise is the relationship between synthetic polymers’ structures and all their properties – physical /chemical/processing/functional/aging under various conditions etc., But if forced to express a conjecture on early bio-polymerization I would start with considering first what the media might have been and the energetic circumstances and the participating materials. This might lead me to refer consideration of the type “addition polymerization” and of the process “emulsion polymerization” , and maybe also of the involvement of “gegen” (counter) ions at the growing end of a chain because it may have an effect on the selection and fitting of incoming monomer and may lead to stereoregularity.

I can’t even suggest an updated reference(s) on these subjects because they are out of my field. The only relevant book in my bookcase has a brief reference to synthetic polymerization processes (Paul Painter & Michael M.Coleman, Fundamentals of Polymer Science, Technomic, 1994 ?), but you are most probably experienced and in a position to be able to find comprehensive literature on the subject.

SA, I regret that this is the most I can pull out of the sleeve, and I wish you interesting and fruitful search.


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